Cooperation with British XR companies at GBIP


Novatech, an industrial safety digital solution company that combines "safety" and "metaverse," participated in a GBIP event held at the Korea Virtual Augmentation Reality Complex (KoVAC) on Monday, June 13th to introduce Novatech's technology to British metaverse companies and have a meaningful conversation about future cooperation.

Novatech received enthusiastic response and attention from British companies by demonstrating XR industrial safety content, a high-altitude work vehicle simulator, and the tourism metaverse "Tour Planet" on display at KoVAC. In particular, there were many opinions that high-altitude work cars were as realistic as practicing in the actual field, and it was a place that made the audience realize once again the need for NovaTech's XR simulator, which is a step higher in XR content.

Through this Global Business Innovation Program, Novatech will strive to strengthen relationships between UK companies and create innovative partnerships in immersive technology.

ㅇ Event Name: GBIP(Global Business Innovation Programmes) British Metaverse corporates visit to South Korea

ㅇ Hosted and Supervised by: Innovate UK, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy / BusinessWest(British), Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology, ED Research Co., Ltd

ㅇ Location: KoVAC XR Showroom 1~2F

ㅇ British Participants : British small and medium-sized enterprise

ㅇ Date: 2022-06-13

ㅇ Target Field: Implementation technologies and contents related to AR/VR/XR in immersive technology-related industries