Advocating for the integration of the physical world and the digital world, the pompous wave of the 4th industrial revolution represented by innovative technologies such as the Internet of Things, Big Data, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence is changing the whole world day by day and fundamentally. The fields of public and occupational safety that protect our lives and industries are no exception. NOVATECH continues to develop and supply innovative products and services that can make our lives and industrial sites safer and increase productivity based on virtual reality technology, Internet of Things technology, and modeling & simulation technology.
The Best Industry and Safety Metaverse Platform Service Company in Korea
Convergence of Technology and Deployment Capability in the 3 sectors of business

Virtual Augmented Mixed Reality (XR) Sector

· Industry and Safety Consulting and Content Development
· Development of specialized Technologies and Contents in the Nuclear Power Plant sector
· Development of Metaverse Service in Tourism

IoT (Internet of Things) Sector

· Leading Technology based on Creativity
· Own Original Technology such as related patents

SF (Smart Factory) Sector

· Robot Control and SF Control Technology
· Logistics Robot Control System Development and Supply
· Secured References Based on Hyundai Motor Company