Logistics Automation

NOVATECH has completed the development of a logistics Robot Control System (ACS) for logistics automation of Hyundai Motor Group Global Innovation Center (HMGICs), a production plant for electric vehicles under construction in Singapore, and is expanding its application to domestic and overseas internal combustion engine automobile production plants.
The logistics market is very wide, and through the success of Hyundai Motor's production logistics and warehouse logistics development business, NOVATECH is expected to expand its market to all companies in need of logistics as well as to apply to 38 Hyundai plants and primary and secondary partners. NOVATECH is preparing to develop and distribute logistics robots and will provide a total solution for logistics automation based on Metaverse.
NOVATECH Robot Control System
Robot control
Status monitoring
Automatic control
Manual control
Legacy linkage
Integrated control
Korea's highest level RCS technology that controls from AGV to AMR
Producing various layouts and
monitoring AGV, AMR instantaneously
Various operating conditions and
environments can be set freely.
By interlocking with PLC,
any interlock and mission can be set
and automatically controlled.
Various log data can be searched
and analyzed.
Various emulations can be applied
to simulate optimal conditions.
Supports various types of robots